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The Department of Tourism Management was established within the structure of Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, Faculty of Tourism with the decision taken from the Executive Board meeting of the Council of Higher Education dated June 22, 2016. In 2017-2018 academic year, it started to admit its first students. Total area allocated to the program is 292 m². There are 2 classes with an area of 65m²; 1 with an area of 70 m²; There is 1 class of 92
m². There are 4 classes in total.

Tourism which is a part of service sector contributes greatly to the national economies. The economic value of tourism, which is defined as "smokeless industry”, is formed through accommodation, food and beverage, travel and marketing enterprises. In the developed and developing economies, the service sector shows a continuous growth tendency. In our country, it is seen that such a growth is most evident in the tourism sector. The growth in the tourism sector increases the need for the people who have been educated in this field and the forecasts in the framework of future growth and development show that this need will increase further. In this sense, the need for people, who are qualified and has the knowledge, skills to meet the needs of the sector, and have skill of managing human relations and the people who know foreign languages, has increased. Our department aims to contribute to the training of the people who are needed by the tourism sector in Turkey.

It is planned to educate graduates who can make future decisions of enterprises, manage daily operations of tourism enterprises, have communication skills and use technology effectively. in the tourism sector, taking into account its unique characteristics such as the simultaneous production and consumption, its labour-intensive structure and its consumption at the place of production, there are relationships between employers and consumers based on human psychology. as the tourism product is abstract, can be experienced before being consumed, the human element is in the foreground, time is sold, factors such as the ease of competitiveness and imitation enables the management to become important. Tourism Management training includes providing the students with the knowledge and skills that enable them to manage tourism enterprises effectively and efficiently that operate in a competitive environment. in this context, tourism management training include business processes such as; management, marketing, finance, accounting, and as well as application-based issues.

The content of the courses of the Department of Tourism Management was established in line with the purpose to provide the students with the theoretical tourism management knowledge, at the same time the technical knowledge they need to find analytical solutions to various business problems they encounter in tourism businesses. Although the language of education of the Department of Tourism Management is Turkish, it also provides trainings on foreign languages. The courses will enable our students to transform their theoretical knowledge practically. In addition, our students are obliged to do an internship for 60 working days in order to apply the courses they have taken in the tourism management department. within the help of their internship, they will be able to learn adaptation to the sectoral enterprises and practical applications of the courses taken.
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