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The aim of the Tourism Management Department is to train the candidates of tourism management managers who know the foreign language needed by the sector, follow the innovations continuously and carry out the evaluation of these innovations. In addition; The aim of the course is to educate individuals who have adopted the power of scientific thinking, can conduct multi-faceted research and are equipped culturally.

The aim of this course is to provide students with theoretical and practical training in tourism and to follow the national and international innovations. In accordance with this purpose It is aimed to educate graduate students who can work as managers in tourism enterprises and in public sector institutions related to this issue. In this context, it is planned to follow the latest developments in the tourism sector, to give direction and to contribute to the innovations in the sector by cooperating with other national and international educational institutions and tourism stakeholders.

The aim of this course is to provide students with education qualification that they can use throughout their lives and to enable them to act with the qualifications required by the tourism management profession which they will take into consideration the changes at the global level in line with the needs of the tourism sector. Tourism education means producing knowledge in management and sectoral areas, introducing innovations in tourism applications at national and international level and contributing to the development of sustainable tourism.
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