Employment Opportunities

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Those who have graduated from the Department of Tourism Management are given the title of Tourism Operator. graduates of the Department of Tourism who completed all courses successfully can work as a manager or assistant in accommodation enterprises (front desk, housekeeping, kitchen, service, bar, purchasing, marketing and sales, human resources, etc.), food and beverage enterprises, travel agencies, (reservation, operations, ticketing, accounting, etc.), cruise services, and various positions in ground services of airline business.

In addition, graduates have the opportunity to work in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and its affiliates. In addition, the graduates also have the opportunity to do master or PhD. Degree in Tourism Management, Business, Economics, Sociology and so on and to be an academician in tourism related departments and programs of Higher Education Institutions. Graduates who follow the latest developments in their field, conduct analysis and synthesis,
have strong communication skills, have ethical values, and have a business spirit are needed in both public and private sectors.

In addition, the Department of Tourism Management will be able to educate students who can comprehend the natural, social, cultural, political and economic characteristics of our region and Zonguldak and make basic analysis and synthesis studies on these issues.
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